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Arrival & move-in



Buildings K1 to K5: Klosterweg 28, 76131 Karlsruhe

Schroff-Kolleg (K6): Hagsfelder-Allee 25, 76131 Karlsruhe

By car:

Driving the motorway A5 to Karlsruhe, take the exit "Karlsruhe-Durlach". Drive on the Durlacher Allee towards Stadtmitte (city)/Stadion westwards. After about two kilometers, turn right into Georg-Friedrich-Straße. Another 200 meters ahead, keep straight on at the roundabout Karl-Wilhelm-Platz into Parkstraße, giving way to Klosterweg shortly afterwards. Drive straight for about one kilometer before taking notice of HaDiKo on the right, opposed to a small chapel on the left. On the right, a lot of spaces follow. Please do not park on HaDiKo ground as all spaces are rented there.

You can get to the Schroff-Kolleg (K6) by turning right from Klosterweg into Hagsfelder-Allee 200 meters before HaDiKo. The building is then about 200 meters further on the left side, just before the allotment garden settlement begins.

By train:

The nearest tram stop is "Karl-Wilhelm-Platz". From there, you can simply walk up the street in a northerly direction ("Parkstraße", changes later to "Klosterweg") and reach HaDiKo after about 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can change to bus at the "Durlacher-Tor" stop and get off at the "Büchiger-Allee" bus stop, which is directly in front of the HaDiKo.



You have been accepted?

Very good! Now there are a few organizational things that might interest you when it comes to your move-in.

Handing over of the room

Normally, one moves in here at the first day of the following month. The rooms will be handed over by our concierges. There are five of them here. Their office hours are available at Infos.

A move-in is only possible from Monday to Friday (not on Saturday) and not later than 30 minutes before the above mentioned closing times. If the first of the month is no working day, you can not move in until the first working day of that month. Move-ins at the end of the preceding month are generally not possible, because the old occupant has the right to stay up to this date.

After your arrival at the HaDiKo you thus have to find a concierge first. You can ask at the office (a three-floor-building in the middle of our site) or you can go into your 'new house' and look for them there.


Now some words on parking:
The parking lots on the compound are rented to the residents. Please respect this and don't park there.

If you want to park on one of those lots for loading or unloading your car, please stay there only briefly. Please leave a notte with your room number and phone number so that you can be contacted. Otherwise your car might be hauled off.

If you want a parking lot on the compound, you can rent them at the end of October or April for six months. Please concider the notices on the bill-boards or other announcements.