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The most important mailing list is "HaDiKo-L". On this list there are over 1000 subscribers, among them many current and former inhabitants.
To sign up, use
The link to sign off again is:
The list's address is:


To prevent too much spam this list is moderated:

  • If the originator is a member of the list the e-mails will be admitted at once
  • The remaining mails will be forwarded to a moderator and checked prior to admitting them on the list. It might take some time until an e-mail is admitted by the moderators.
    So please subscribe to the list prior to posting to it.

Mailing- lists managed by HaDiNet Listserver

The other mailing lists are managed by the HaDiNet-Mailinglistenserver where there is a webiterface on which you can handle your subscriptions yourself.

Every inhabitant of HaDiKo can ask to set up a mailing-list from HaDiNet. Just write an e-mail to the, containing the name and a description of the proposed mailing list.