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Your grandma wants to talk to you over the phone but thinks the mobile network is awful? You don't want that your mum knows your mobile number in case she spies out your location with it?

With HaDiFon the HaDiNet offers you a landline connection via VoIP.


device deposit 45 €
call charges deposit national: 25 € international: 50 €
running costs
service charge 0 €
device rent 1 € per month
call charges ~2,3ct/minute to landlines, ~18ct/minute to mobile phones see: rates (excl. VAT)

 If you want to make this investion worth doing, come to the HaDiNet-Support.


In addition there is a floor-phone on every floor, wherewith you can make HaDiKo internal phone calls for free.

In the Wiki you'll find configruation instructions and hints on how to use HaDiFon with any VoIP-client on your computer.