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The Dormitory

The HaDiKo (short for Hans-Dickmann-Kolleg) consists of six houses. In each of them there are living between 103 and 265 people on floors of 13-16 people. These floors each use a large kitchen and a bathroom together. But this is rarely a problem as students are working and studying at completely differnt hours. The new building even offers a private bathroom in each room.

All in all there are 1102 rooms in HaDiKo, which comes near to a small village. So there will always be someone interesting, HaDiKo is a perfect place to make contacts (i.e. through activity in the self-administration).

There are several working groups you are welcome to join (AK Sport, AK Multimedia, AK Elektronik, AK Holz and many more). Not to mention our computer network, the HaDiNet, which emerged completely out of own-initiative and which, through the use of modern fibre-optics, brings the excercise papers and lecture notes into each room at a phenomenal speed. Moreover, we have a music room, billiard room, table-tennis room and a 'Kicker'.

The HaDiKo is a self-administered dormitory, that is to say the residents themselves handle the allocation and administration of the rooms.
More to the self-administration you can find here.

In jedem Zimmer gibt es ein Waschbecken, und auf dem Flur sind Duschen und Toiletten in ausreichender Anzahl vorhanden. Im Schroff-Kolleg (K6) verfügt jedes Zimmer über ein eigenes komplett ausgestattetes Bad.


The rooms have sizes between 10 and 20 square-meters, they cost between 190 € and 260€  or 350€ in Schroff College (K6) including heating and electricity (for a more detailed list have a look here). Normally, the size of the rooms is sufficient for living and studying. The rooms are ready-furnished with a wardrobe, a bed, a desktop, an office chair and a bed table. If you like, you may additionally bring your own furniture.

Each hallway has a kitchen, which in any case has a cooking surface, a larger dining table, a work surface, several refrigerators and one or two ovens. Furthermore, some kitchens have dishwashers, microwaves or the like, depending on whether the corridors have acquired these in self-organization. Adjacent to the kitchen is a cozy common room.

In each room there is a sink and on each floor there is a sufficient amount of toilets and showers. At Schroff College (K6), each room has its own fully equipped bathroom.



On this page you will find a map of the HaDiKo including the house numbering and in which is house which floor is located.
The common rooms are marked in red. They are all located in the basements except for the rooms in K1 which are on the ground floor and the electronics lab which is on the sixth floor.


Our dormitory is located in a very nice and central position, close to the University of Karlsruhe (not more than five minutes by bike). Nevertheless, the HaDiKo is surrounded by green. The large forest that begins just at our dormitory offers a great opportunity for jogging and other outdoor sports. Another nice feature is that there are few people being annoyed by us being loud at parties. :-) Nearby there are sufficient shopping opportunities, Karlsruhes' pedestrian area is located just on the other side of the university campus. The `Wildparkstadion', home stadium of the (once) quite successful KSC football club, is about 500 m air-line away from us. Right in front of our site there's a bus station, offering a reasonable good connection to Karlsruhes' public transport system.