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Application procedure

How do I apply?

You would like to move into HaDiKo? Therefore you have to contact the Belegungsauschuss (allocation board). You can apply for a long-term accomodation (at least 6 months of lease) or a short-term accomodation (1 month of lease).

Long-term accomodation

Please be aware that you can only rent your accomodation from the beginning of the month, this means the deadline for applications is the 15th two months before the start of your designated move-in month.
(e.g. move-in 1st April, deadline 15th Februar)

Your application should contain the following:

  • a duly completed application form, which you can find here
  • your designated move-in month so you can be invited to the respective admissions interview.
  • a casual, not too short(!) letter of application for us to get a first impression of your personallity
  • a tabular curriculum vitae
  • a current picture
  • your matriculation certificate or approval document to one of the Karlsruhe's colleges

Please send your complete application via e-mail (attachments should be in PDF-Format) to:

Applications send by letter post will not be accepted any more for accomodation. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Short-term accomodation

The short term rooms in HaDiKo are being allocated each month for a period of one month (starting on 1st). Please note that there are no short-term accomodations to be leased in October and November. To apply for a short-term accomodation you have to send an e-mail to fv(at) with the following information:

  • full first name and family name
  • sex (male/female)
  • nationality
  • birth date
  • current emailadress
  • your current certificate of matriculation (PDF)
  • Month of your move-in
  • any room wishes (if there are)

After your application, you'll be set on a waiting list, because we allocate the rooms according „First come, first serve“. If you apply early, your have better chances to get a room.

The contract can not be renewed for another month and after a month you have to move-out.

Responsible for short-term accomodations is the current Chairman for short-term accomodation (see Contact for contact information).


The BA is not responsible for subleases. You'll find information on how to request a sublease in our FAQ section

After your application

After your application, you may be invited to an interview. The interviews take place in groups. In these interviews, we want to get to know you and introduce you to HaDiKo. Usually, these interviews happen to be quite amusing, so you don't have to be afraid.

The date of the admittance interview is fixed. You are not the only applicant who gets invited. The next admittance interview is in the next month.

How do I get to know my room number?

If you have received an acceptance letter and returned the admission form in time, you can find out your room number by sending an e-mail to Alternatively, you can send us a self-addressed envelope.

There are also lists in every house where you can find out your room number yourself.


If you have a question, we ask you to first look over our FAQ to see whether it's already been answered.

Please write to the BA for all further questions you have. Usually, we respond to your emails within a few hours (be patient if it takes longer. :-) ). If you want to come to us in person, this table should tell you where and when and who to visit.

  • Long-term room application:
  • Responsible for applications for long-term rooms.
  • Office hours: see infos
  • E-Mail:


  • Long-term room administration:
  • Responsible for prolongation of lists, cancellations, floor requests, request for relocation
  • Office hours: see infos
  • E-Mail:


  • Short-term rooms:
  • Responsible for rooms for up to six months
  • Office hours: see infos
  • e-Mail:


  • Other requests:
  • For other requests please contact the allocation board.
  • E-Mail: