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Welcome to HaDiKo

This is the website of the Hans-Dickmann-Kolleg in Karlsruhe. The HaDiKo is the biggest self-administered student dormitory in Germany. Students of the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT), the University of applied sciences and economics Karlsruhe (TuW), the University of education and the University of cooperative education Karlsruhe and other in Karlsruhe registered students are living here.

The HaDiKo is managed by the Studentenwohnheim des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie (KIT) e.V., as are the student dormitories Hans-Freudenberg Kolleg (HFK), Insterburg and Kolleg-am-Ring (KAR).

The dormitory

Finally, our sixth building, the Schroff-Kolleg, is completed. From March 2022 it will offer space for 103 students from Karlsruhe. With a private bathroom in your room (approx. 15.60 m², including 2.70m² bathroom) and modern furnishings in the kitchen and common room, seven corridors with 14 to 16 rooms each are waiting for students to create a cozy living community.

The HaDiKo consists of six buildings. Each of them houses between 103 and 265 people on floors of 13-16 people. These floors each use a common large kitchen and bathroom. But this is rarely a problem as students are working and studying at completely different hours. The new building even offers a private bathroom in each room.

There are a total of 1102 rooms in HaDiKo, almost a small village. So there will always be someone interesting - HaDiKo is a perfect place to make contacts (i.e. through activity in the self-administration).

We also offer barrier-free rooms. Please leave a comment at the application form if this is an option for you.

We have several groups whom you can join and manifold offers: I.e. common washing-machines, rooms for making music, a bike workshop and of course the HaDiNet which supplies the HaDiKo with Internet via a fiber-optical connection.