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The HaDiNet is the board in HaDiKo that manages the network and telephones. The dormitory is connected via a fiber-optical wire with a bandwidth of 2 Gbit/s directly to the datacenter of the KIT and thereby offers a fast, cheap and uncomplicated internet connection.


Internet Access

If you are currently in quarantine, please under no circumstances come to the support. Instead please send us an E-Mail to "".

You've just moved in, unpacked your computer and urgently need internet access? No problem. Just stop by at our support room on Tuesdays, Thursdays or the first working day of the month between 8pm and 8:30pm and get a HaDiNet contract.

We offer two types of contracts:

Short-term contract

  • applies to: students living here for less than three months
  • applies to: students living here via a sublet room
  • paid in advance (in cash)

Long-term contract

  • applies to: students living here for a longer period of time
  • chaper in the long run
  • paid via direct debit (monthly) from a bank account
  • mandatory membership in the HaDiKo association: support all of our cool activities and clubs


Please bring the following items with you:

  • ID card or passport
  • For a long-term contract: a debit card (or any other document from your bank where we can read your bank account number)
  • €10 per month in cash for a short-term contract

After your port has been enabled, you just need to plug your network cable into the ports in your wall and your computer. Just try whether the left or the right port in your wall is working. If the internet connection does not work automatically you can find further instructions in the wiki.



  short term contract long term contract
monthly fee €10 €5
membership fee of HaDiKo e.V. (monthly) - €3

The low priced long-term contract is only offered to members of the HaDiKo e.V.

The terms of use can be found here (only accessible from the internal network).

Additionally, you can buy network cables from HaDiNet to connect your computer to the network port in your room:

Length Pricing
3 m €3.50
5 m €5.50
10 m €9.00

Support Room

The HaDiNet support room is located
in the basement of the P-wing.
The access is via the staircase before the E-wing.
Turn left when inside the building.
Then walk through the Ernst-Ulrich-Frank-Forum.
On the right you'll find the support room.
You've arrived!