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Please note that the only official version of these FAQ is the german one.

Do I need to come to the Interview?

If you live more than 500km away from Karlsruhe you do not need to come to the Interview. You can write a so called remote application ("Fernbewerbung"), meaning your application needs to be very detailed so that we can get to know you without meeting you in person. So be creative, add some pictures to your application and send it to us.

How big are the rooms and how much is the rent

The information on the sizes of the rooms and the rent is here.

Is there internet and telephone?

There is a socket for telephone (see HaDiFon), TV and internet (see HaDiNet).

How many rooms are on one floor?

There are 15 rooms (excluding the K2, which does only have 13 rooms and P-wing with 14 rooms)

How about the kitchen and the sanitary facilities?

There is a kitchen on every floor with refrigerators and storage space for every inhabitants. Furthermore there are two or three showers and two toilettes. In K3 there are washing-machines.

How long can I sublease a room?

Within the semester you can sublease a room for three months. If you intend to sublease your room for a longer period, this has to be confirmed by the Hausparlament. The application should include a signature catalog of your floor which should be delivered by your Flursprecher at the next Hausparlament. Here you can find a draft of the application form.

Within the semester break, you can sublease your room for three month. This means for a longer period of your sublease it has to be approved by the Hausparlament. After that the sublease it maintained by yourself.

Please be aware that the rent should not be any higher than the actual rent.

Can I hand my matriculation certificate in later?

As a first semester you normally do not posess a matriculation certificate. Therefore, you can hand it in later. There is also the possibility of an early application in september. We accept the intention of studying in Karlsruhe.

How many times is it possible to re-apply?

If you are not invited to an interview, you may re-apply next month via e-mail. The documents which you already sent in will be stored with us for at least three month and will then be destroyed. So you do not need to send us a new application.

After three times without any invitation, you can re-apply after 6 month.

Can I move from one room to another?

Generally one can move to another room after living at least 6 months in his/her room. Moving from one room to another inside the floor is only possible, if one has not moved inside his/her floor for at least a year.

In order to relocate, you need to hand in a request for relocation (Umzugsantrag) with a list of signatures of the designated floor to the BA at least three to four weeks prior to the beginning of the month. At least 50% of the floor inhabitants must have signed this request.

Prior moving you should check, whether with your relocation to the new floor maybe any quotas (see HeimGO part 5 §6.2) get violated. In this case you would have to make a special request for this matter.

Of course, a relocation is, just like the move-in, only possible for the beginning of a month.

For the work of the caretaker a small fee of 15€ has to be paid, it will be collected with your regular rent.

When will my room be confirmed?

You will receive a confirmation after the application interview (1/2 hour later). It is customary that during this time there will be a short tour through HaDiKo, to enable you to get a short visual impression of the live within the dormitory.

Are there any application limits?

To get a multicultural environment in HaDiKo there are certain limits for application for foreign students at the university of Karlsruhe. We are also bound to this limitations, so there might be the possibility of denial of your application if you are from a certain country. The current limitations can be obtained from the chairman.

When will I be informed at what date I can move in?

You can send an e-mail to the ba if you are accepted one week prior to your move-in date to obtain this information. Your new address will be the following:

Your name
Klosterweg 28, room number
76131 Karlsruhe

Please be aware that the room number is crucial, elsewise letters won't be forwared to you.

Are there any double-rooms?

Sadly, there are no double-rooms in HaDiKo. But there is the possibility of sharing one room with an extra fee of 77 € per month. Regardless this is only an emergency solution because of the size of the rooms.

Is there a parking garage or parking lot?

There is the possibilty of leasing a parking garage near to HaDiKo. Also there are parking spaces which will be lend at the beginning of the semester. If you do not want to lend a parking space you may want to leave your car at free parking spaces near by.

How does the re-move-in without an interview word?

We need to reserve a room for you, so you need to tell us you're coming back at least six weeks before you want to move in, before we invite other people for the regular Interview

Our floor is looking for a new resident. Can we come to the Interview?

Every floor can send a representative to the Interview if he has rooms available for the next month. You will be invited by the allocation-board (BA).

Is it possible for students not studying in Karlsruhe to apply for a room?

To lease a long-term room (for more than 6 months) you must be registered at a university in Karlsruhe.
If you are in Karlsruhe e.g. for an internship and are registered at a different university it may also be possible to get a long-term room. However, this has to be decided by the allocation board individually.

Depending on the housing market there may be some rooms which are leased by the months. For further information see here.

Are there any allocation lists from 1985?

Due to protection of privacy we are unable to publish any old allocation list.

Can I apply for subleasing?

We are not responsible for any subleasing. Have a look at the information board in every house.

I am currently living at HaDiKo by the AAA. Is it possible to extend?

Inhabitants which live in HaDiKO by the AAA can extend there leasing to two years maximum at the chairman for long-term rooms. The number of people who can extend is limited to 20. You have to contact the chairman at least two month prior to the end of your contract. Then you will be invited to an interview, where your request will be determined.