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Offers by Residents for Residents

HaDiKo has many offers that make everyday life in a student dorm more easy. Besides the various leisure-time offers, like rooms for making music or workshops for wood an metal, there are of course Internet and telephone connections. You can get a visual impression on the gallery page. The links in the headings of the following paragraphs refer to the HaDiPedia, a wiki page that is only accessible for residents. You'll find further details to the offers there (where, when, who).
You can see where to find the common rooms on the map.


In the basement of K2 there is the Billiards room of HaDiKo. All prospective world champion can train here or prove their skill at a cosy evening event.

You can excellently play on the high quality table, that is fit for championships, also thanks to the many accessories: There are Queues in different sizes, balls and chalk, and also bridges and a brush to optimize the cover of the table.



Tying machine

Whether for the internship report or the wedding announcement for a floormate, with our tying machine you can make a small book from all the loose pages. The usage of the machine is for free, only the spirals, carton, or transparancies need to be paid for.

The tying machine is administerd by a minister. It can't be lent out, so tyings need to be done locally at the machine and you need to arrange a meeting with the minister.


The tying machine minister can be reached via




Besides the monthly boardgame evenings AK-Boardgames is responsible for anything concerning the subject of the Middle Ages: brewing mead, fireing a trebuchet, campfire evenings and LARP.
If you want to join us, please visit our boardgame evening (every first Saturday of a month in the common room in K5) or write an e-mail to




Rooftop Terraces

Enjoy the view and the sun on the new K2 roof top terrace. Power outlets, WIFI, a Barbecue Grill and numerous seats and tables offer a nice place for studying and relaxing. The terrace is open all day all year for anybody. Up to 300 people are allowed to use it (allthough that may be a little over crowded). Please leave the terrace during a thunder storm because its not protected against lightning strikes. Barbecue equippment such as the grill roast, a hand brush and a fire proof container for ashes can be borrowed for a refund from the Dachterrassenminister. Please do not burn paper or wood in the grill as rapid temperature changes could damage it.
If you have any question or if there is a problem feel free to write an E-Mail to

There is another rooftop terrace above the TT-room (K1). Groups larger than 8 persons need to write an E-Mail to with the name of someone responsible for tidying up after the party. After 11pm no music is allowed and please take care not to be too loud.






The AK Electronics runs a laboratory on the floor D6.

To assist residents of HaDiKo with repairs or university und hobby projects, all kinds of important equipment are available in our lab: There are power supplies, function generators, tabletop multimeters and even a digital storage oscilloscope (200MHZ, 2GS/s)! Of course, basics mechanical tools like soldering irons, screwdrivers and tongs in all sizes are not lacking either - those can also be borrowed for a small deposit. Apart from that, the lab also offers the opportunity to etch your own circuit boards.

Should you need help with a project, you can always contact the tutors of AK-E. They answer your questions via mail whenever possible or schedule a meeting in the lab. In irregular intervals we offer workshops with topics ranging from the foundations of electronics to microcontroller programming or soldering. There are, however, no regular opening hours for the lab.

But there's more to it than that! If you are interested in our work, feel free to join us as a member or tutor. Not only does that grant you permanent lab access, but it also gives you the option to share your knowledge, help others and shape the future of AK-E!




AK-Energy and Environment

The AK Energy and Environment campaigns for protection of the environment and pleasant living. By trying to help residents save energy and water as wall as seperate the waste they also campaign for lower rents. HaDiKo residents pay about 70 € a month for utilities. (The amount is included in the total rent). The increase of this fee can only be avoided when responsibly handling the ressources.

You can contact the AK via


Bike shed

Each house in HaDiKo has a bike shed where residents can protect their bike from the wheather or thieves. The HaDiKo does not take responsibility for the bikes left in the shed. Therefore you should always lock your bike in the shed.






The HaDiNet offers a fast and cheap internet access for residents of HaDiKo. Furthermore they provide several services like WiFi, telephone, a printer, a computer pool etc. Mor information you'll find on the HaDiNet page on the homepage. 







The wood workshop provides tools, machinery and technical know how for every domain in processing wood. e.g. models of achitecture, building a bookshelf, repairing furniture, refurbishing your floor and other things.

There are no regular opening hours for the wood workshop. You can book the workshop for your project or rent the tools for a deposit.
Your can contact the AK via




AK Martial Arts

The AK martial arts arranges an open training for everyone interested in martial arts and living in HaDiKo, meaning for everyone who already has some experience in martial arts or self-defence as well as for everyone who just wants to learn more about the subject. The training is open. We start with a general fitness and strength program for everybody. After that, everyone can train their fighting style and / or we'll show each other techniques and exercises. Also we spar in different fighting styles and offer trainings for self-defence if somebody is interested. We have Budo-mats, a punchbag, a shield, hand- and arm protectors, training-knives and -pistols and Kendo-swords. Furthermore, since winter-semester 12/13 we are ecquipped with protections for torso, head and hands for sparring.

Also, the AK offers special trainings like a security training and is a competent contact for all matters concerning martial arts, self-defence and safety.

You can contact the AK via



Once a Semester the HaDiKo LAN-party will take place in TT-room, the big common room in K1. From Friday afternoon till Sunday morning, the LAN-committee will offer you a coffee-flatrate, championships, wholesale pizza orders and a breakfast on Sunday. To find enough players for not so well known games, there is the "game of the hour" on Friday and Saturday: We will announce a game on the projectors that you than can all play toghether. Also, there is the retro-corner, where you can play the games of back then on old consoles and monitors.

The HaDiKo LAN-party will be announced some weeks befor the event with posters and on the mailing list Hadiko-L. Tickets can be bought by then. Also, you should reserve a place on (only accessible through the HaDiKo Network). At first, the tickets will only be sold to residents, in the week before the event external guests also can buy a ticket.

During the LAN-party non-players are also welcome to have a look, play in the retro-corner or buy snacks and drinks.

The Tutors can be recoqnized by their LAN-party-T-shirts. If you have any questions you can also reach the LanKo via or in the IRC-chatroom via #ak-hadilan.



The metal workshop is located in the basement of K4.
It is normally open Tuesdays and Thursdays between 6pm and 7:30pm. To those times one of the tutors will help you with your repairs. During the opening hours you can also rent our inventory for a small fee and a deposit.
You can reach us via





AK Musik

The AK Musik regularly organizes events around music making and manages the two music rooms of the HaDiKo.

Piano room in K1:

There is a piano room in K1. There are two pianos and an electric organ - ideal for piano virtuosos and singing! Please note: The piano room is not soundproofed and should therefore not be used during the night's rest (10pm to 8am)!

Music room in K4:

In the basement of the K4 there is a music room equipped with various instruments (e.g. electric drums, electric guitar, piano). Of course you can also rehearse and make music there with your own instruments. Events organized by the AK Musik also take place there on a regular basis - so the room is ideal for groups!

The music rooms are managed by the AK Musik. There you can activate your own transponder for the music rooms.


Multimedia Minister

The multimedia minister offers multimedia devices and helps running them correctly at events.
Sometimes, they show sports events (e.g. Football world championship). Furthermore they sometimes organize Singstar evenings and you can rent some devices for little money.

You can contact the minister via


Sewing machine

In HaDiKo you can play sewer if you feel like it.
To do so you need to place a deposit of 50 € with the sewing machine minister.

You can reach the sewing machine minister via 






  • You need professional equipment for photography?
  • The simple pictures of the drugstore next door are too boring to you?
  • You like black and white images?
  • You want printouts in large formats?
  • You like to make artistically photos?
  • You would like to learn how to develop pictures yourself?

Then the photographic laboratory in the basement of K3 is right for you! We have a wide range of photography devices as well as a laboratory that are available for you.
You can reach us via



The AK journalism is responsible for the conception, editing, printing and publishing of our dormitory's journal "Der HaDiKoller", meaning that write articles ourselves as well as ask residents to contribute some texts to the journal.
Furthermore the AK offers technical support in the areas of layout, printing and design.

If YOU would like join us or write some articles, just contact us per e-mail.
You can reach us via



The social committee supports needy residents of the HaDiKo through counselling, rent subsidies or extensions of your period of residence in cases of hardship.

If you need an extension of your period of residence in the HaDiKo for justified reasons, but you do not have a full stop of residence (any more), you can apply for a hardship case. The SAS then decides whether your request is justified and can normally grant you an extension of your period of residence for one semester, in special cases of hardship up to two semesters. The deadline for applications to extend the period of residence is two months before the end of the period of residence.

In order to be eligible for a benefit, you must submit an application. The best way to do this is to contact us by email and briefly describe what you are applying for. We will then arrange an appointment as soon as possible.



Preview Sauna cabine


After a hard day at university, you can relax nicely with your friends in our self-built sauna during one of our sauna evenings. Or come to our strong infusions and get to know how it feels in hell.
And the best: the use is for club members completely free.

For up-to-date information, visit our page.



Hi, we're the AK sports and we're responsible for various sports activities in HaDiKo. For example we lend out sports equipment and organize a HaDiKo-wide football championchip. As of late we also have a weights room.
It is located in the basement of K5 and can be used by every resident after a registration.

You can contact us via 



Washing machines

In the basement of K3, HaDiKo residents are able to wash and dry their clothes.
The washing machine ministers are the contact persons if problems occur and they sell washing-coins as well as order repairs to the machines.

You can reach them via


AK erweiterte Rasennutzung

We are the AKeR (Arbeitskreis für erweiterte Rasennutzung = workgroup for extended lawn usage). We are a group of nature lovers and alternative people that wants to improve the outdoor area of HaDiKo.

Our major focus is on growing vegetables, fruits and herbs on the two patches next to K1 and K5. Additionally, we improve the outdoor areas by organizing rubbish collecting events, planting flowers and soon trees. 
Twice a year we organize a bonfire together with the AK Brettspiel (boardgame).

You think that sounds like a fun way to spend your time and get to know other inhabitants of HaDiKo? Then meet and join us!
During summer: at our weekly gardening appointments at our patches,
during winter: at our monthly meetings currently online
or simply write an e-mail to

We hope we will see you soon
-The AKeR