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Cancellation & moving out

The regular cancellation period at HaDiKo is six weeks to end-of-month.

To help us file your cancellation timely, please use our cancellation form and drop it into the BA mailbox in K1 foyer.

We do not send out confirmations. You can check in HEIDI to see if we have canceled your contract and towards which date. If there is no such entry within a week after you have dropped the cancellation document in the pink postbox, please contact us immediately at

Cancellations can be withdrawn in exceptional cases in consultation with the BA, as long as the room has not already been reserved during the application process.

Please be aware that the cancellation of your room does not include a cancellation of your network contract with HaDiNet or the cancellation of your association membership. These contracts have to be canceled separately.


Moving out early

If you hand in your cancellation after the end of the regular cancellation period, your move-out is considered early.

In this case, you have to pay the rent for the month you are moving out. We may be able to contract your room out to a Ferienverterter. If we succeed you will not be charged the rent. Please be aware that the office bills 15 € for extraordinary charges in this case.


Moving out

Please arrange the date of your room return early with your caretaker The return of your key is only possible during their office hours (see Office hours).

For any questions considering the repayment of your deposit please contact the office. Please be aware that in case of an early move out the repayment of your deposit will occur after the regular cancellation period