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Additional Offers


The access to the various common rooms of the self-administration is controlled with electronical keys we call "Transponders".
By default you have access to two learning room and the computer pool.
The access to the other rooms needs to be approved by the responsible groups. (e.g. music room: AK-culture, weights room: AK-sports)

Every member of HaDiKo e.V. receives a transponder from their caretaker when they move in. You will have to return your transponder when you move out, the same way you need to return your room keys.

Computer pool

The computer pool is currently unavailable. It's being worked on and will soon be available again in the K2 basement (EUFF) at the end of the SV hallway.


At the end of the SV hallway in K2 basement there is a printer, which can print, copy and scan A4 or A3 pages in color and black and white. You need a printer account, which you can create in HaDiNet Support.


Every HaDiNet user gets an E-Mail forwarding to their private e-mail address.
But if you would like to have your own post box on our e-mail server, just contact our support.

Shell Server

The HaDiNet runs a Shell-Server for every member of HaDiKo e.V.. With it you can connect to HaDiNet from outside the HaDiKo for example to connect to the computer in your room or to run a client for the HaDiKo IRC Network.
If you would like to get an account contact our support at the regular support hours or per e-mail. Please include your current myHaDiNet user name.